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       The district of Madhubani was carved out of the old Darbhanga district in the year 1972 as a result of reorganisation of the districts in the State. This was formerly the northern subdivision of Darbhanga district. It consists of 21 Development Blocks. Bounded on the north by a hill region of Nepal and extending to the border of its parent district Darbhanga in the south, Sitamarhi in the west and Supaul in the east, Madhubani fairly represents the centre of the territory once known as Mithila and the district has maintained a distinct individuality of its own.

       It is located at a Longitude of 25-59'  to 26-39' East and the Latitude is 85-43'  to 86-42' North.

Height from Sea     

       The Madhubani district is situated at height of  80 meters from Sea.


North South East West
Hill region of


        Madhubani occupies a total of 3501 sq. kms.

        Main Rivers are Kamla , Kareh, Balan, Bhutahi Balan, Gehuan, Supen, Trishula, Jeevachh, Koshi and Adhwara Group.

       High Flood Level is 54.017 m.

       Whole District is under Earthquake Zone 5.

        Total Cropped Area - 218381 Hect.

        Barren /Uncultivable Land - 1456.5 Hect

        Land under Non-agricultural use - 51273.24 Hect

        Cultivable Barren Land - 333.32 Hect

        Permanent Pasture - 1372.71 Hect

        Miscellaneous Trees - 8835.90 Hect

        Cultivable Land - 232724 Hect

        Cropping Intensity - 134.23 %



        Varies between 900mm and 1300 mm.

        Average Rainfall = 1273.2 mm.


Administrative Units
1. No. of Sub-Divisions 5
2. No. of Blocks 21
3. No. of Circles 20
4. No. of Panchayats 399
5. No. of Villages 1111
6. No. of Police Stations      18
7. No. of Assisting Thana 13
8. No. of Outposts 5
9. No. of Town Outposts 4
10. No. of Jail 2
11. No. of MP Constituencies 2
12. No. of MLA Constituencies 11
13. No. of Zila Parishad Members 56
14. No. of Panchayat Samiti Members 555
15. No. of Gram Panchayat Members 5523

Source: Census of India 2001.

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